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DEXTER SHIPS - The first official release version of the Dexter laserdisc replacement has begun shipping.  Assembly and shipping will continue through the coming weeks.  The release includes meticulous last-minute tweaks to audio/video quality and synchronization which have been deemed perfect by multiple testers.  The Dexter Manager software will allow easy firmware updates as they occur. (posted by Dave Hallock 04.26.16)

DEXTER/MERLIN COLLABORATIVE SUCCESS ALLOWS INSTANT GAME SWITCHING - As previously foretold by the developers of the two devices, it is now possible for a Dragon's Lair or Space Ace arcade game equipped with both Merlin and Dexter to switch between different games automatically!  With multiple laserdisc images loaded onto a Dexter laserdisc replacement board, the Merlin MultiROM board's imminent firmware update allows users to instantly swap between Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, & Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp (optional add-on) in a Cinematronics cabinet by using the joystick and button alone to select a game, without opening the cabinet or powering down.  See it in action in the videos posted to the D-L-P forum, and see the Merlin and Dexter websites. (posted by Dave Hallock 02.17.16)

DRAGON'S LAIR: THE MOVIE - FUNDRAISING CONTINUES - Following the canceled Kickstarter campaign, the new Indiegogo campaign has begun!  The goal this time is $250,000 USD, which is nearly the amount that was pledged for the previous campaign.  Don and Gary are determined to make this film, and things are looking great in the first couple hours of contributions.  Make it happen! (posted by Dave Hallock 12.01.15)

DRAGON'S LAIR: THE MOVIE - OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN UNDERWAY - Animators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have started a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to raise $550,000 USD to produce a 10-minute teaser with which they intend to seek further backing for the production of a theatrically-released movie based on Dragon's Lair.  Dragon's Lair fans have been waiting for such a movie since Don & Gary first publicly announced their plans to create one in 1984.  Now you can help make it happen! (posted by Dave Hallock 10.26.15)

DRAGON'S LAIR II ENHANCEMENT - Thirty-one years after the beginning of the game's development, Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp is finally coming to the platform that it was originally intended for...  the Cinematronics Dragon's Lair/Space Ace PCB!  The new DL2E ROM promises to give Time Warp the classic 1984 treatment that it's been missing for too long. (posted by Dave Hallock 07.06.15)

MERLIN FIRMWARE UPDATES - Merlin, the MultiROM and laserdisc player conversion hardware for Dragon's Lair and Space Ace games, has been updated to allow the switching of ROM sets, and also the changing of some settings usually controlled by DIP switches, via an on-screen menu that can now be activated from the game's control panel while the current game is still running.  Additional plans for the future are to interact with the Dexter laserdisc replacement board to allow complete external switching of games that would normally need a laserdisc change, without ever powering down or even opening the game cabinet! (posted by Dave Hallock 07.06.15)

DEXTER LASERDISC REPLACEMENT REV 3C NEARLY COMPLETE - The status of Dexter is continuing to grow strong, and revision 3C of the hardware is almost ready to ship.  Matt Ownby will once again deliver an informative presentation at California Extreme this year.  Dexter directly replaces several models of laserdisc players and laserdiscs with a reliable, solid state alternative. (posted by Dave Hallock 07.06.15)

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