After the success of "Los Justicieros" (Zorton Brothers), spaniard company Web Picmatic released their second laserdisc game "Marbella Vice". It's a spoof of the american television show Miami Vice and plays similar to ALG's Crime Patrol series. The game was published in 1994 and had a limited release. It features famous Spaniard actors from the 90s like Alex Angulo and Santiago Segura plus a notable appearance from Venezuelan super model Catherine Fulop. Directed by Alex de la Iglesia.

The story is about a duo of cops (Alex Angulo and the player) who go to Marbella to stop a drug lord called "Amin Shala". Alex Angulo is your partner (like Spencer in Crime patrol) which pops up frequently during the game. Catherine Fulop is the obligatory FMV babe. Santiago Segura is the police commissioner who nags you everytime you get shot. When the player dies the game shows a newspaper where, in Freedom Fighter fashion, the player is criticized for his actions. The game takes place in scenarios like hotels and casinos and features action chase sequences in cars, boats and a helicopter. The game is full with humor and takes about half an hour to complete. A PC port was planned by company Dinamic Multimedia but got cancelled when that company went bankrupt.




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