For dedicated Time Traveler machines.

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Coins per Credit

Sw 11-8 Sw 11-7

Coins per Credit

On On 1 Coin, 1 Credit
Off On 2 Coins, 1 Credit
On Off 3 Coins, 1 Credit
Off Off 4 Coins, 1 Credit

Lives per Credit

Sw 11-6 Sw 11-5

Lives per Credit

On On 2 Lives
Off On 3 Lives
On Off 4 Lives
Off Off 5 Lives

Maximum Reversal Cubes Allowed

Sw 12-8

Maximum Reversal Cubes Allowed

On 6
Off 36

Cost of Reversal Cubes

Sw 12-7 Sw 12-6 Sw 12-5

Cost of Reversal Cubes

On On On 1 Coin for 1 Cube
Off On On 2 Coins for 1 Cube
On Off On 1 Coin for 2 Cubes
Off On Off 2 Coins for 3 Cubes
On On Off 1 Coin for 3 Cubes
Off Off Off 1 Coin for 1 or 2 Coins for 3

Game Play Test Mode

Sw 12-4 Game Play Test Mode
On Normal Game Play
Off Select Episodes with Joystick

Options for the Devil

Sw 12-3 Sw 12-2

Options for the Devil

On On Devil can take away lives
Off On Devil will never take away lives
On Off Devil not in the game at all

Free Play Mode

Sw 13-8 Free Play Mode
Off Pay to play
On Free Play

Attract Mode Audio

Sw 13-7 Attract Mode Audio
Off Sound Always On
On Sound Always Off

Game Play Difficulty Level

Sw 13-6 Sw 13-5

Difficulty Level

Off Off Medium
On Off Easy
Off On Difficult
On On Most Difficult

Laserdisc Player

Sw 13-4 Laserdisc Player
Off Pioneer LD-V4200
On Sony LDP-1450

Bill to Coin Multiplier

Sw 13-3 Sw 13-2 Sw 13-1

Bill to Coin Multiplier

On On On
Off On On
Off Off On 4
Off Off Off 8
Off On Off 10


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