Firefox Virtual Library - Images and information on the major components

Firefox - Owners Manual (first printing) (92 pages)
Firefox - Owners Manual (second printing, vol. 1) (60 pages)
Firefox - Owners Manual (second printing, vol. 2) (70 pages)
Firefox - Bulletin - NTSC Card (1 page)
Firefox - Schematics (first printing) (20 pages)
Firefox - Schematics (second printing) (56 pages)
Firefox - DIP Switch Settings

Firefox - ROM Images
Firefox - ROM Images (Alternate)



Compatible Laserdisc Player - Philips 22VP931

Philips 22VP931 - Service Manual (51 pages)
Philips LaserVision Deck - Service Manual (10 pages)
Philips 22VP931 - Command Set

Conversion Cards - Various products have been developed over the years to allow replacement/upgrade of the laserdisc player.

Dexter is the newest product.  No laserdisc player or disc is needed with Dexter.  The Dexter board is a drop-in replacement which poses as a laserdisc player and plays the video for the game digitally, from a custom file format.  Dexter accepts the original commands from the PCB through the original interface cable.  Dexter has been going in and out of production multiple times, per demand, via pre-order process only.

The LaserAce conversion card allows the game to use a variety of different Pioneer and Sony laserdisc players.  LaserAce is no longer in production.



Repair Guide - For information on cleaning and repairing the Philips 22VP931, check out the Firefox Laserdisc Repair Guide authored by Doug Jefferys.  It should tell you everything you need to know to get your game working again!

Monitor Mod - Mandatory Atari Monitor Modification Bulletin for Firefox arcade games with serial number UR00802 and lower, dated "3-5-84".

NTSC Cards - The NTSC boards found in the upright version and the cockpit version are not identical, but can be made interchangeable using the information outlined in this Bulletin.




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