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NFL Football - Owners Manual (21 pages)
NFL Football - Modification Sheet No. 1
NFL Football - Modification Sheet No. 3
NFL Football - Miscellaneous Service Bulletins from 12/83 - 01/84
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NFL Football - DIP Switch Settings

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Compatible CED Videodisc Player - RCA SJT400

RCA SJT400 - Service Manual (76 pages)
RCA SJT400 - Service Manual Addendum (2 pages)

CED Videodisc Information - CED stands for Capacitance Electronic Disc, which refers to the method used to encode the video and audio information on the disc surface.  Capacitance can be defined as the ability of two adjacent conductors to store electric charge, and in the CED system these adjacent conductors are the carbon-loaded disc and the thin titanium electrode deposited on the diamond stylus.  The mathematical formula for capacitance contains several variables, but with the CED system these variables are all constant except one... the distance between the electrode and the surface of the disc immediately under it.  Within the grooves on the disc surface are microscopic peaks and valleys, several times smaller than the diamond stylus, which rides smoothly on the crests of several adjacent peaks.  But the electrode is much smaller than the stylus, so the distance between the electrode and disc surface is constantly changing as peaks and valleys pass underneath.  This varying distance produces a varying capacitance, from which the audio/video signals are eventually decoded by the player's signal processing circuitry.  For more information on this CED videodisc player, check out Tom Howe's CED FAQ on his CED Magic website.



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