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Back in 1997, I picked up a Thayer's Quest conversion kit. Three years later, I finally picked up a converted Dragon's Lair cabinet to use for this kit. The cabinet sat in the workshop for months before I finally had the energy to start a new project. I started working on March 19 and finished on June 23. Not a quick job, but it definitely came out looking pretty nice.

The vinyl on this cabinet was pretty scraped and scratched up and would have to be replaced. There were also a few extra bolt holes in the sides of the cabinet that needed to be patched. The top of the cabinet had been cut back to fit a flat marquee, and the bottom of the cabinet was pretty chewed up. I definitely had my work cut out for me.

Day one. :( Top of cabinet was cut back to fit a flat marquee. Starting to strip the cabinet of everything. Removed the top of the cabinet, and prep for new 3-sided top.
Stripping off the original vinyl covering. Still stripping off the original vinyl covering. First side complete. Cabinet totally stripped of vinyl covering.
Here we can see the corners of the cabinet were very chewed up. Cleaned up the area to be worked on. Marked off the area to be cut. Cut off the bad area.
Did the same for all four corners. Glued and screwed the new pieces in place. Put wood putty over the seams. Cut out new top for game with proper angles.
Painted both pieces for above and below marquee. New marquee molding getting ready for priming and painting. Bottom of cabinet taken off to raise and reinforce blocking. Re-installed bottom which now sits higher inside the cabinet to conceal the added wheels.
After days and days of sanding the putty and old glue from the vinyl, the cabinet is now completely stripped. Ready to start on the wiring for the cabinet. Mounted the board and main wiring harness. The harness was about 90% complete, so additional wiring for the speakers and marquee light were needed.
Wiring complete!!! Even added fluorescent light under the control panel. Applying the new vinyl covering. Both sides complete. Getting ready to add the vinyl for the front. New vinyl perfectly covers over the cuts in the edges of the cabinet.
The 19" monitor was replaced with a 19" TV. Project complete!!!! 
(except for those darn side decals) :)

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