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Attack of the Zolgear

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Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars  
Cube Quest

Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair II

Esh's Aurunmilla

Fast Draw Showdown
Freedom Fighter
Galaxy Ranger
Gallagher's Gallery
Goal to Go
GP World

Inter Stellar Laser Fantasy

Laser Grand Prix
The Last Bounty Hunter

M.A.C.H. 3
Mad Dog McCree
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold
Marbella Vice

NFL Football (CED VideoDisc)
Ninja Hayate

Project Dragoon

Quarter Horse
Road Blaster

Space Ace
Space Pirates
Star Blazers (Yamato)
Star Rider
Street Viper
Super Don Quix-ote

Thayer's Quest
Tierras Salvajes
Time Gal
Time Traveler
Top Gear

Us vs. Them


Who Shot Johnny Rock?

Zorton Brothers



Laserdisc Player Guide - Pictures, documentation, and information on laserdisc players used in arcade games.
Dragon's Lair / Space Ace Custom LDP Conversion - Build a custom laserdisc player conversion for Dragon's Lair / Space Ace.
EuroDL - A custom laserdisc player conversion that you can build for your European Dragon's Lair or Space Ace.
Thayer's Quest Disc Player Conversion - This ROM in the Thayer's Quest Tech Center allows the game to use the Pioneer LD-V8000/4000/2000 series players.
Dragon's Lair II Disc Player Conversion - This ROM in the Dragon's Lair II Tech Center allows the game to use any Sony LDP series player.
Cliff Hanger PR-8210 Conversion - Replace your PR-8210 laserdisc player with a LD-1100 for Cliff Hanger.
Star Rider PR-8210-A Conversion - How to convert a PR-8210 laserdisc player into a PR-8210-A for Star Rider.
PR-8210 vs. PR-8210-A - A quick look at the differences between the two LD players.
Firefox Philips 22VP931 Repair Guide - Everything you need to know to get your Firefox working again.
LD-V1000 Boot Switch - Manually issue a play command to your Pioneer LD-V1000.
Commercial aftermarket products are listed separately below.



Enhancement ROMs - The Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and Dragon's Lair II Enhancement ROMs play the games as their stories were originally planned.
Space Ace DIP Switch Remap - This ROM in the Space Ace Tech Center matches the DIP switch functions with Dragon's Lair, to alleviate changing switches when you change games.
ALG PAL Chip Workarounds - Play Who Shot Johnny Rock? and the original version of Space Pirates with more commonly available PAL chips.
Cliff Hanger Overrun fiX - This ROM in the Cliff Hanger Tech Center removes audio/video overruns when scenes end and also adds a new DIP switch setting for unlimited lives.
Thayer's Quest Uncensored ROM - This ROM in the Thayer's Quest Tech Center eliminates the restrictions on keyboard entry and accepts anything the player types.
Thayer's Quest Disc Player Conversion - This ROM in the Thayer's Quest Tech Center allows the game to use the Pioneer LD-V8000/4000/2000 series players.
Dragon's Lair II Disc Player Conversion - This ROM in the Dragon's Lair II Tech Center allows the game to use any Sony LDP series player.
Euro Dragon's Lair / Space Ace Laserdisc Mod - Use a Software Corner reprinted laserdisc in your European Dragon's Lair or Space Ace game.
Star Rider PIF ROM update - This ROM in the Star Rider Tech Center can improve the reliability of original hardware that may be crashing due to age.
Esh's Aurunmilla Stage 7 Bug Fix - This ROM in the Esh's Aurunmilla Tech Center corrects a frame number typo in the data for the "game over" message on stage 7.



  Dragon's Lair v1 PCB Modifications - See and apply all the changes that were made during the production of Dragon's Lair until the PCB design was finalized.
Dragon's Lair v1 PCB 68705 Bypass Modification - Update the clock signal on older Dragon's Lair / Space Ace PCBs.
Dragon's Lair PCB Conversion Between PR-7820 & LD-V1000 - Convert a Dragon's Lair / Space Ace board between the PR-7820 and LD-V1000 laserdisc players.
Dragon's Lair Score Display Flicker - Eliminate the flickering 'F' letters that may develop in a Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Thayer's Quest score display.
Dragon's Lair Volume Control Wiring - Fix the factory error in the Dragon's Lair / Space Ace wiring harness for the volume control on the operator convenience panel.
Dragon's Lair Joystick Volume Control - Adjust the volume of the "joystick feedback sounds" in Dragon's Lair / Space Ace.
Dragon's Lair Monitor to TV Swap - Replace your Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Thayer's Quest RGB monitor with a TV tube.
Dragon's Lair Power Supply Adaptor - Replace the original power supply with a modern switching one for Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Thayer's Quest.
Dragon's Lair / Space Ace Combo - Swap Dragon's Lair and Space Ace ROMs with the flip of a switch.
TQKey - Use a computer keyboard in place of the original Thayer's Quest keyboard.
ALG Audio Through TV - Use your CRT TV speakers for American Laser Games audio.



  Daphne - An awesome emulator with support for over 15 laserdisc games! [OFF-SITE]
Dragon's Lair II Emulator - A quick easy way to play Leland's Dragon's Lair II on your PC.
MAME - The popular emulator reports some success with a few laserdisc games. [OFF-SITE]



  Dragon's Lair Initialization - Partial description of the initialization process of Dragon's Lair.
Dragon's Lair / Space Ace Engineering Mode - What happens when your Dragon's Lair / Space Ace is in engineering mode.
ALG RAM / ROM Info - Technical insight on the RAM / ROM board used by American Laser Games.



  The Dragon's Lair Project does not sell these products:
Laserdisc Player Conversion Products - The Hi-Tech, LaserAce, LaserCon, and Dexter products allow you to upgrade/replace your game's laserdisc player.
LaserCom - An advanced computer interface for the Pioneer LD-V1000. [OFF-SITE] - Licensed reproduction Cinematronics cabinet artwork. [OFF-SITE]


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2023.03.12 - Added pictures of the display overlay and the industrial laserdisc label to the Thayer's Quest Virtual Library.

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2023.03.12 - Updated the quality of the wiring diagram scan in the manual in the Bega's Battle Tech Center.

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