The 7th Annual D-L-P Gathering at California Extreme 2006
San Jose, California - July 8 & 9, 2006

California Extreme (CAX) is an annual celebration of coin-operated video games, pinball machines, and other novelties you once found in arcades and game rooms across the world. It's two days that celebrate this exceptional entertainment medium, featuring tournaments, speakers, parts vendors, and an opportunity to play games you may have not seen for years.

This year, the annual D-L-P gathering was at CAX. There were hundreds of arcade games and pinball machines set on free play for everyone to enjoy, including Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and Thayer's Quest. Also, the extremely rare laserdisc game Freedom Fighter was there, along with a prototype Road Runner laserdisc game from Atari. Below are a few pictures from this year's event.

Dragon's Lair, Space Ace,
Thayer's Quest
Road Runner and
Freedom Fighter
Jim Terrell playing
Freedom Fighter
Brad Oldham and
chip Sbrogna
chip Sbrogna and
Warren Ondras
BZ and
Doug Jefferys
Steve Hertz after
he won the
Dragon's Lair
high score contest
The huge crowd of people viewing Road Runner when it made its debut
Road Runner in action Jim Terrell,
Tony Victorino,
and Leslie Collins
Tony playing
Freedom Fighter
various pictures
various pictures
From Left: Unknown Comic, Leslie Collins, Jim Terrell, Brad Oldham,
Tony M. Victorino, Steve Hertz, Jeff Kinder, chip Sbrogna,
Doug Jefferys, Kris Sandrick, Warren Ondras


Freedom Fighter Gameplay Road Runner Gameplay


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