Inter Stellar Laser Fantasy is a laserdisc game manufactured by Funai in 1983. The laserdisc background images were created by Japan-based company, Gakken.

In Inter Stellar, you fly the starship "Ferald Runner". Your mission is to fly to distant worlds battling alien spaceships and destroying alien bases. Armed with lasers and bombs, you travel across alien deserts, through space caverns, and into bizarre wireframe cities to find and destroy the Delta UFO.



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Audio & Video files - Samples of the laserdisc content.
Cabinet Images - Pictures of the arcade game.
Flyer Images - Promotional material provided to game operators.
Wall Posters - Pictures of laserdisc game wall posters.
Tech Center - Information on the technical aspects of the game.

How was Inter Stellar
Laser Fantasy released?

only in a dedicated
      upright cabinet
only as a conversion kit
in an upright cabinet
      and a sit-down cockpit


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