Badlands Virtual Library - Images and information on the major components

Badlands - Manual / Schematics (38 pages)
Badlands - DIP Switch Settings

Badlands - ROM Images (for games with a Pioneer LD-V1000)
Badlands - ROM Images (for games with a Hitachi LD player)



Compatible Laserdisc Players - Pioneer LD-V1000 with modified EPROM (below), Hitachi variant (details unavailable)

Different EPROM for LD-V1000 - Konami modified the ROM of the LD-V1000 to include an extra command that enhances game play. It allows the same scenes to play differently and adds to the random element in the game.
A standard LD-V1000 will not work with Badlands. The EPROM inside the laserdisc player must be changed first.
Download the LD-V1000 ROM image modified for Badlands.
Download the standard Pioneer LD-V1000 ROM image.

Pioneer LD-V1000 - Operating Instructions (7 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Interface Guide (24 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Service Manual (81 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Provisional Service Manual (27 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Cleaning the Optics (3 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Changing the Laser Tube (3 pages)

Aftermarket Conversion Cards - The original Pioneer LD-V1000 laserdisc player is not natively compatible with any other model for a direct substitution. Various Laserdisc Player Conversion Products have been developed over the years to allow replacement/upgrade of the laserdisc player.



Game Conversion Info - Badlands was released in a dedicated cabinet. There has also been a report of one Astron Belt / Star Blazer PCB found in Japan that has been converted to play Badlands, using the LD-V1000 laserdisc player unmodified. A very low resolution JPEG photo of this PCB has been submitted, but it has not been posted here because it looks indistinguishable from an Astron Belt PCB. Two drawings were also submitted, which are Sega's drawings for the Japanese Astron Belt cockpit/PCB/parts, still shown with the Sega logo, but with new Badlands-specific wording replacing some of the original wording, and no mention of Konami. These two drawings are available below. There is also a video of this PCB in operation; however, the PCB is not shown, and a conversion card has apparently been used to substitute a late model laserdisc player for the LD-V1000. Any further details that develop will be updated here.

LD-V1000 Boot Switch - A simple inexpensive way to build a switch that issues a play command to the LD-V1000 or LD-V1001. See the LD-V1000 Boot Switch page.

Konami/Centuri (USA, 1983)
United Artists (USA, 1983)

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