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Laser Grand Prix - Service Instructions and Parts Catalog (52 pages)
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Laser Grand Prix - DIP Switch Settings

Laser Grand Prix - ROM Images
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Compatible Laserdisc Players - Pioneer LD-V1001 (100V power - Japanese standard), Pioneer LD-V1000* (120V power - American standard)

* A power modification would be needed to use the LD-V1000.

Other than the voltages at which they operate, the LD-V1001 and LD-V1000 are identical.
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Operating Instructions (7 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Interface Guide (24 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Service Manual (81 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Provisional Service Manual (27 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Cleaning the Optics (3 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Changing the Laser Tube (3 pages)

Laserdisc Player Conversion/Replacement - The Pioneer LD-V1001/LD-V1000 laserdisc players are not natively compatible with any other model for a direct substitution.
As of August 2023 - Although no aftermarket laserdisc player conversion/replacement products have officially announced their compatibility with Laser Grand Prix, the Dexter board, which has not been tested with Laser Grand Prix, should be presumed to work.



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(USA, 1983)

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