Super Don Quix-ote Virtual Library - Images and information on the major components

Super Don Quix-ote - Owners Manual (27 pages)
Super Don Quix-ote - Schematics (6 pages)
Super Don Quix-ote - DIP Switch Settings

Super Don Quix-ote - ROM Images (Longer Scenes)
Super Don Quix-ote - ROM Images (Shorter Scenes)
Super Don Quix-ote - ROM Images (Shorter Scenes, Alternate)



Compatible Laserdisc Player - Pioneer LD-V1000

Pioneer LD-V1000 - Operating Instructions (7 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Interface Guide (24 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Service Manual (81 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Provisional Service Manual (27 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Cleaning the Optics (3 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Changing the Laser Tube (3 pages)

Standard LD-V1000 Firmware - The LD-V1000 players that were used in the game Badlands contain firmware that was modified by Konami.
Download the standard Pioneer LD-V1000 EPROM image.

Aftermarket Conversion Cards - Various Laserdisc Player Conversion Products have been developed over the years to allow replacement/upgrade of the laserdisc player.



Game Conversion Info - Super Don Quix-ote was released in a dedicated cabinet and as a conversion kit.  Because it uses a Pioneer LD-V1000, most of the kits went into Dragon's Lair games.  Pictures of various Super Don Quix-ote cabinets can be seen in the Cabinets section of this site.

LD-V1000 Boot Switch - A simple inexpensive way to build a switch that issues a play command to the LD-V1000 or LD-V1001.  See the LD-V1000 Boot Switch page.

(USA, 1984)

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