Star Rider Virtual Library - Images and information on the major components

Star Rider - Owners Manual (27 pages)
Star Rider - Supplement Manual (22 pages)
Star Rider - Schematics (6 pages)

Star Rider - Game Settings (On-Screen Programming)
 Inside the coin door, set the AUTO-UP / MANUAL-DOWN switch to AUTO-UP.
 Press ADVANCE twice to display game adjustments on the screen.
 Use TURBO to select adjustment. Use STEERING to change adjustment.
 Press ADVANCE to exit.

Star Rider - ROM Images (PROTO 5 / REV 1)
Star Rider - ROM Images (CPU PROTO 3)
Star Rider PIF ROM Update - Made in 2017, this ROM (#26 / U3) can improve the reliability of original hardware that may be prone to causing crashes with age.



Compatible Laserdisc Player - Pioneer PR-8210-A

Pioneer PR-8210-A - Service Manual (118 pages)

Star Rider will not work with a regular PR-8210 laserdisc player. For more information on how the PR-8210 and PR-8210-A communicate with arcade games, check out the PR-8210 / PR-8210-A page.

PR-8210 to PR-8210-A Conversion - The Pioneer PR-8210-A Conversion document shows how to transplant parts out of a dead PR-8210-A into a working PR-8210 to convert it for use with Star Rider.

Aftermarket Laserdisc Player Replacement - The Dexter board is a drop-in* replacement that substitutes for the laserdisc player and plays the video digitally.
*Dexter rev 3g is 100% compatible.   Earlier revs need the PIF ROM Update.



PIF ROM Update - If your game is prone to intermittent software crashes and rebooting, try the 2017 PIF ROM Update (ROM #26 on the PIF board at location U3) to allow greater tolerance with disc player response time.
This PIF ROM update is not to be confused with our separate recent update to the original ROM download above (PROTO 5 / REV 1).




(USA, 1984)

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