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Us vs. Them - Owners Manual (24 pages)
Us vs. Them - Schematics (23 pages)
Us vs. Them - DIP Switch Settings

Us vs. Them - ROM Images



Compatible Laserdisc Players - Pioneer PR-8210, Pioneer PR-8210-A*, Pioneer LD-1100*

* The Pioneer PR-8210-A and LD-1100 are only compatible with the PR-8210 in terms of their infrared LED interface.  These two players could alternately be used with Us vs. Them if the IR-LED installation methods described in the LD Conversion for Cliff Hanger document were properly adapted to Us vs. Them's external control cable.  For more information on how the PR-8210 communicates with the game, check out the PR-8210 / PR-8210-A page.

Pioneer PR-8210 - Operating Instructions (26 pages)
Pioneer PR-8210 - Service Manual Supplement (6 pages)
Pioneer PR-8210 - Command Set Info
Pioneer PR-8210-A - Service Manual (118 pages)
Pioneer LD-1100 - Operating Instructions (19 pages)
Pioneer LD-1100 - Service Manual Supplement 1 (54 pages)

Conversion Cards - Various products have been developed over the years to allow replacement/upgrade of the laserdisc player.

Dexter is the newest product.  Unlike the other products below which convert to a newer laserdisc player model, no player or disc is needed with Dexter.  The Dexter board is a drop-in replacement which poses as a laserdisc player and plays the video for the game digitally, from a custom file format.  Dexter accepts the original commands from the PCB through the original interface cable.  Dexter has been going in and out of production multiple times, per demand, via pre-order process only.

LaserCon is a laserdisc player conversion card that allows the game to use newer supported Pioneer players.  LaserCon is no longer in production.

The LaserAce conversion card allows the game to use a variety of different Pioneer and Sony laserdisc players.  LaserAce is no longer in production.



RCA Cables - When hooking up the disc player in an Us vs. Them, be sure that the left & right RCA audio cables are connected to the correct ports on the player.  One channel plays audio, and the other carries a sync signal.  If the cables are swapped, the game will not work.

Interchangeability - M.A.C.H. 3 can be played in an Us vs. Them cabinet with the correct boardset, EPROMs, and laserdisc.

(USA, 1983)

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