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Cube Quest - Operation and Service Manual (83 pages)

Cube Quest - ROM Images

Cube Quest - Game Settings (On-Screen Programming)
 TEST SWITCH - starts and stops test mode
 RIGHT FIRE BUTTON - steps forward through test categories
 LEFT FIRE BUTTON - steps backward through test categories
 CUBE BUTTON - selects individual test
 TRACKBALL - changes settings



Compatible Laserdisc Player - Magnavox VC8010 GY01 (custom-modified)

Magnavox VC8010 GY01 - Owners Manual - Not available







No Laserdisc Player - The game can work either with or without a laserdisc player, via an adjustment in the settings.  If there is a problem with the laserdisc player, the game can recognize it and change the setting to "no disc player" automatically.

Modified Laserdisc Player - The game does not use a standard laserdisc player.  No laserdisc player had the features they wanted, so they made their own controller and installed it inside the players.  Each player had to be customized for the game.  This allowed them to disable the audio and video squelch controls, as well as have instant access to variable forward and reverse playback.  While playing the game, the laserdisc playback can be varied greatly, enabling a less linear view of the video with some interesting effects.  For example, during the game, the video plays forward then backward in a surging type of way (with audio), and the result is quite interesting to watch.  The laserdisc player was given a real workout, and not being an industrial model, it tended to have trouble after only fairly moderate usage.



Simutrek (USA, 1983)

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